Delta Group’s quality assurance program is based on the following Quality Policy:

Through a commitment to comply with requirements and maintain effectiveness of the QMS, Delta Group Electronics Inc. is dedicated to continually improving our ability to produce a high quality, defect free product in a timely manner, while allowing the flexibility required to assure our customers complete satisfaction. 

The quality management system is based upon and certified to the AS9100/ISO9001 Quality Standards. Additionally, the California facility has achieved ISO 13485 certification for medical devices and FAA FAR145 designation for the Repair Depot.

Delta Group Electronics Inc. is a privately licensed IPC training facility with MIT-level instructors for J-STD-001 (incl. space addendum), IPC-A-610 and IPC WHMA-A-620.

The company also maintains an annual ITAR registration to include DD2345 designation.


QMS Certificates


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Quality Certifications

AS9100 Certificate
ISO13485 Certificate
ISO9001 Certificate
ITAR Certificate
FAA/FAR-145 Certificate
EASA 145.5985 Certificate
IPC Member Since 1996

IPC Licensed Private Training Center:

IPC-A-7711/21 Certified trainers

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