Jun 1, 2010

Delta Group Electronics, Inc., Florida Facility Installs X-ray Inspection and BGA Rework Systems

Delta Group Electronics Inc., announced today that its Florida facility has installed a Dage XD7600NT X-ray integrated acquisition technology.

This exciting new capability is part of the Dage range of XiDAT digital x-ray systems which  have provided the best image quality in the semiconductor and PCB industries. This has been dramatically improved for the XD7600NT by the inclusion of the XiDAT digital  imaging system. This provides 16-bit grayscale resolution with 2 Mpixel images acquired at 30  frames/second that are presented at full resolution on screen (1600 x 1200 pixels), all without  any compromise to system operation and functionality to give the optimum analytical  capabilities through improved image quality acquired in less time.

At the heart of the Dage XD7600NT, to provide the best x-ray image quality for inspecting the  smallest and most demanding features affecting product quality, is the revolutionary new Dage  NT X-ray tube that provides minimum feature recognition down to 250 nm (0.25 microns) at the  highest magnification.

Delta Group Electronics also announced the installation of the Sniper III Split Vision Rework System. The Sniper III is the latest in BGA and Micro BGA rework system design, with onboard control and powerful computer profile generation, including data logging. The system  also includes a thermocouple bank to develop the rework profile and monitor the component,  board and environment.

Ron Reef, General Manager at Delta’s Florida facility, commented: “These two investments are  an example of Delta Group’s commitment to provide the most advanced technologies in serving  our customers.”

Founded in 1987, Delta Group Electronics, Inc. is a full-service Electronic Manufacturing  Services (EMS) company offering turnkey services for its customers in the aerospace, defense  and commercial industries. Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the Company also has  assembly operations in San Diego, Dallas, Fayetteville, Arkansas, and Rockledge, Florida. For  more information about Delta Group, visit its website at www.deltagroupinc.com or call Dom  Isbell at (505) 883-7674.

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