Jun 2, 2014


San Diego, CA; May 20, 2014 – Delta Group Electronics, Inc. and Mesa Secure Acquisitions, LLC announced today that they have signed a Joint Marketing Agreement whereby they will combine their collective knowledge and expertise to provide product design, engineering support and EMS services to U.S. government and industrial customers with communication systems products.

Mesa Secure has established a strong reputation of providing design and engineering solutions for the United States Department of Defense and other prime government contractors.  Delta Group provides a full complement of EMS services in California, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas and Florida.


“We are honored and excited to work with Mesa Secure in this joint endeavor.  Its team of engineers has created a strong relationship with the U.S. military by completing a series of design solutions for military communications systems,” said Harry Mueller, President of Delta Group Electronics.  David Grooms, Chairman of Mesa Secure commented that “Delta Group has the financial strength, quality systems and assembly capacity that are needed for our success.  Wherever these opportunities come about, they have the geographic coverage that is needed in working closely with our customers.”


Bill West, currently General Manager of Delta Group’s California operations, will manage the relationship between Delta Group Electronics and Mesa Secure.  David Grooms (currently Chairman of Mesa Secure) will lead the marketing effort for both Delta Group and Mesa.  Grooms brings along significant industry experience having previously been President of Kyocera America, Inc. and Chief Operating Officer of Datron World Communications, Inc.


Founded in 1987, Delta Group Electronics, Inc. is a full-service Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) company offering low and mid-volume turnkey services for its customers in the aerospace, defense, medical and commercial industries.  Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the Company also has assembly operations in San Diego, Dallas, Fayetteville, Arkansas and Rockledge, Florida with administrative offices in St. Louis.  The Company’s quality management certificates include IS013485, AS9100C and ISO 9001:2008.  For more information about Delta Group, visit its website at www.deltagroupinc.com or call Bill West at 858-569-1681.


Mesa Secure Acquisitions, LLC is located in Carlsbad, California and is currently celebrating 10 years of delivering best-in-class communication systems for the U.S. military and prime government contractors.  For more information on Mesa, visit its website at www.mesasecure.com or contact David Grooms at dgrooms@mesasecure.com





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