"Customer focused,
Values Driven"


Delta Group is a family-owned business, and its values-Integrity, Excellence, Commitment, Respect, Fairness, Cooperation and Trust-define us as a Company and serve as the foundation of all decisions. Our strict adherence to these tenets ensures our clients and vendors that we perform daily to the highest standard.

  • Integrity – We will maintain customer relationships with the highest integrity.
  • Excellence – Our process improvement philosophy drives our company to continuously improve.
  • Commitment – Our commitment to our customer’s success will be unparalleled.
  • Respect – We will treat our customers, employees, suppliers, and stakeholders with the utmost respect.
  • Fairness – We will be fair in all Customer and Employee interactions.
  • Cooperation – We will strive to cooperate with all of our customer and supplier partners.
  • Trust – We will be a company who is trusted by customers, suppliers, employees, and our greater communities.