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Nov 12, 2013



"If our customers are successful, they'll grow, and we'll grow with them." -- Brett Greer

Multistate Operation Owes A Lot To NM Roots

Journal Staff Report

       At Delta Group Electronics, Inc. what grows around comes around.  The full-service electronic-manufacturing services company based in Albuquerque has prospered mostly by helping its customers do the same, according to Brett Greer.

      “We do everything that we can to assist in their growth,” says Greer, the company’s Albuquerque-based regional manager.  “Our mindset is if our customers are successful, they’ll grow, and we’ll grow with them.”

      Delta Group was founded in 1987 in Albuquerque by a group of investors that included Steven Klein, the company’s late president, and his high-school buddy, Harry Mueller, the current president and CEO.

      Greer says the company still has some of the same customers it’s had since the early 1990’s.

      But Delta also significantly expanded its reach and its client base during a 12-year period that included the acquisition of seven different out-of-state operations.  In addition to Albuquerque--its headquarters—Delta now has manufacturing operations in Florida, Texas, California, and Arkansas.

      “There’s a lot of aerospace in California, maybe a lot of military in Florida,” says Greer, who joined the company in 1993.  “The strategic plan was to kind of diversify as much as we can so no one customer and no one downturn in a specific industry could impact the company.”

      Today, Delta offers turnkey services for customers in the aerospace, defense, medical, and commercial industries.

      Rather than the electronics the average consumer uses day to day, Delta makes things such as fingerprint scanners and radiation—detection equipment.

      While the company has grown to encompass most of the U.S., Albuquerque remains an integral part of its operation.  In fact, Greer says, Delta is seeing a wave of new customers in the Duke City thanks to the technology spinning out from the state’s national laboratories.

      “Some of the innovation coming out of the labs and products people are designing out of that certainly allows us to grow with some of these new customers (locally),” he says.

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